Are Joey De Leon's Recent Tweets Pertaining To Vice Ganda Again? MUST READ!

Another set of tweets was posted by Joey De Leon on his twitter account. It was a series of words which entitled as 'Bored Of Wisdom', which are often words coming from his mind as a result of being bored. 

Joey is known as someone who will post something when he wants to. There are instances that people claim that it is unnecessary to post those things, but he still does it. 

Now, these posts brought controversy once again as people claim that these tweets are pertaining to Vice Ganda

It is known that there is a competition and argument between these two personalities because of the hits and blows that they give towards each other. 

However, there are some that say that it might just be another coincidence. It might just be another random post which is created for his fans and not to bash Vice.
Source: Twitter

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