Karen Davila Asks Manny In An Interview: “Manny, should you be a senator or a pastor?”

Manny Pacquiao is the type of politician who often uses different bible verses in everything that he does or says, he's the type of person who doesn't feel embarrassed to express his faith. But then, the netizens have noticed that his expression of his faith is coming out of control.

Manny was literally bashed after his controversial interview about the same s*x marriage has gone viral online.

On Wednesday, he was interviewed by the news anchor, Karen Davila, to express his side about the issue. Manny was then given a chance to clarify that he didn't compare the LGBT community to animals, but rather the acts that's being done by the LGBT Community.

Karen noticed that Manny has been stating bible verses that's why she suddenly asks these surprising questions:

“I understand why you are always quoting the Bible, but have you heard about the separation of religion from the government.?" 

Manny said that he have heard about that and that it would just be impossible for the nation to be successful without the guidance of the Lord.

“Manny, should you be a senator or should you be a pastor?” Karen asked Manny

As expected, Manny once again, proudly stated his opinion using Bible verses.

In the end, Manny once again apologized to the whole LGBT Community.

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