Maine Mendoza Answers Her Bashers Who Called Her 'Pangit' , 'Chaka' and 'Mukhang Katulong'

The KalyeSerye star Maine Mendoza did not allow her bashers to get into her nerves. Instead of answering them angrily, she had a brilliant idea in handling their negative comments

One-by-one Maine decided to react towards several tweets that the bashers sent to her. 

Most of the unpleasant words were 'pangit, chaka, malaki ang bungaga at mukhang katulong'. 

On her snapchat that was posted on February 2, the actress and host seemed to be unaffected by these hurtful words. Instead of being affected, she just accepted it and sometimes answered it sarcastically

It is not the first time that Maine Mendoza was bashed by people who does not find her funny or just really hates her. 

Many people were amazed by how she handled these things. Some even say that what she does really just comes out naturally.  She even said that she is already bored of reading the same negative comment that the people has to say. 

Source: PEP

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