This Man Proves That By Making A Girl Laugh, You Could Get A Kiss From Them!

They say that women love men who can make them laugh. It is indeed a fact, because women tend to love and appreciate the people who can easily make them feel good despite of all the things that is happening around her. 

Another man made an epic move as he got several kisses from women whom he didn't know. They were just on the street when this man came up to them and gave them the condition that if he could make them laugh, he would get a real quick kiss from them. 

This man has a move as he made every single girl laugh by lightly touching their tummy which made them giggle a bit. 

In the end, this man won for gaining a lot of kisses from these girls who want him as well.

Can you get a kiss when you make a girl laugh?
Can you get a kiss when you make a girl laugh?
Posted by Trending Zone on Friday, February 26, 2016
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