Obtain A Flat Belly In Just Seven Days By Using These Ingredients!

Having a flat belly is a part of every woman's dream. But achieving it is another story. There is a struggle in having a belly without an excess fat especially if that person is not fond of doing exercise. But worry no more, the effective way to remove those fats in the belly is finally here. 

The ingredients that you will be needing are: 
-A banana

-An Orange

-Half-cup of low-fat yogurt

-Teaspoon of Coconut Oil

-Pinch Of Ginger

-Two tablespoons of flax seed

-Two teaspoons of whey protein powder

Here is what you are going to do. In a large container, grab all the ingredients and mix it all together until it is already well-blended. 

You need to consume this mixture before every meal. This routine should be done for at least seven days to see the best results. 

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