A Teacher's Open Letter Addressed To Vice Ganda "Hindi Pala Siya Makatao." Has Gone Viral!

We all know for a fact that Vice Ganda is one of the famous celebrity and comedian who has been known for the way he delivers a joke. Surprisingly, children from different parts of the Philippines are doing what Vice is doing, because of the thought that it's just a joke.

The children of this generation enjoys bullying other people, and worse, they already know how to answer their parents in a rude manner.

Once again, an open letter for Vice Ganda is going viral online. The open letter was written by an unknown teacher

Read the letter here:

A Teacher's Open Letter For Vice Ganda "Hindi Pala Siya Makatao." Has Gone Viral!

The teacher asked Vice Ganda to change his way of making other people happy because he has already influenced the children. They followed Vice's way of bullying and discriminating other people.

The teacher then stated that he/she's quite scared with the possible result of this creepy act.
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