Photos Of This Photogenic 'Carrot Man' From Mt. Province Goes Viral Online!

This mysterious man from Mountain Province, Philippines captured the hearts of the social media users because of his good-looks as he was carrying the basket of carrots

On the Facebook profile of Edwina T. Bandong who shared the photos of this man whom she tagged as the 'Carrot Man' because he works in a carrot farm in Bauko, Monamon Sur Mountain Province.

The photogenic man became a heartthrob right away after he captivated the attention of the online community. 

Many netizens especially girls admire him because of his physical appearance as well as the will to work hard to earn a living. 

He became and instant celebrity after these photos went viral over the social media sites. Girls are joking of going to the carrot farm just to meet him. The identity of the man was revealed. He is a native Igorot named Jerick Sigmaton.
Source: SocialTrendsPH

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