Real Mysterious Ghost Was Caught On Camera In Binan, Laguna! Terrifying!

A mysterious footage has made the rounds over the social media sites. This is a story of how a basketball team filmed a terrifying moment, which they have captured an image of a child running across that has a dark complexion. 

According to one of the sports coordinators named Joseph, they were preparing for the basketball league in their area in San Francisco, BiƱan, Laguna. They decided to go to the subdivision which is not yet fully developed. 

The kids' ages range from 8-13 years old. While some of them were jogging and dribbling around the area, this mysterious creature passed by. 

They only saw it after Joseph played the footage in his home. Based on the statement of the children, they are sure that they did not see that 'dark creature' pass by. 

It was only then that they discovered that paranormal activities occur in that area, according to the guards and the security of that area.

Source: TodayInManila

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