Shocking Footage Of Binay Giving Money To The Public? UNBELIEVABLE!

The 2016 election is fast approaching. The presidential candidates and their running mates are already busy visiting the different parts of the Philippines to campaign their tandem. 

We all know for a fact that the candidates can't really avoid not to spend money because they also have to pay for their campaign ads and of course, the people who endorse them.

But then, it seems that the Vice President Jejomar Binay is using his money in the most unusual and probably the most disturbing way.

A group of people were seen lining up in front of VP Binay. It turns out that they were falling in line because VP Binay is giving out cash to each and everyone who falls in line. 

We are still unsure why he's doing such thing, but still, in the eyes of the Filipino citizens, this isn't the right way to encourage everyone to vote for you.

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