Stunning Photos Of 'Cabbage Man' Goes Viral Captivating The Hearts Of The Netizens

After the photos of Carrot Man went viral online, another set of a hard working man followed the trend. 

He is another farmer who is being admired by the netizens online. He immediately caught the attention of the people online. 

But this time, he is carrying a load of cabbages that is why he is being dubbed as the 'Cabbage Man'

After the photos went viral online,  one netizen revealed his identity, saying that he is Neil Matchok. He is another great man working in Bontoc, Mountain Province

The netizens created a controversy by making a debate on who is more good-looking. Is it Jeyrick Sigmaton, the carrot man or Neil Matchok, the cabbage man. 

They claim that the two gentlemen have different features from one another, but they are both handsome.
Source: SocialTrendsPH

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