The Extreme Exposé On The Full-Video Of Manny Pacquiao Controversial Interview!

The statement that was seen in the first video of Manny Pacquiao that went viral online offended many people not only from the LGBT community, but also those people who knows someone who is a part of the third sex. 

There are some people who defended the boxing champ who is aiming to be a senator saying that he is only stating a Biblical truth and that there is nothing wrong with the words he said. 

But there are some that said that what he said was true, it's just that he used the wrong comparison and example for his statement. 

Now, the full clip of the interview that Manny Pacquaiao was released. At the end of the video, he clarified that he is not condemning the people in the LGBT, just the acts that are against the word of the Lord. 

Many netizens claim that if this full video was  released earlier, then, the people would have known that Manny said that he is not condemning LGBT people.

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