The Truth Behind The 'World's Most Beautiful Soldier' Revealed!

The military soldier named Iena Deligioz is known as the 'world's most beautiful soldier' because of the stunning photos of her that took away the breath of many netizens.

Over the past 3, 000 various roles are being played by women in the military. They have been a part of the medical team, staff and now, they are also ready to combat the enemies. 

This Russian woman Elina Deligioz proved that you can be fierce despite wearing the combat uniform of the military. 

Her photos are being used in several forums which discusses topics related to the military. 

Many people showed their admiration over the woman. But there are some who felt that this is something bad as well. 

This woman is not really a soldier. According to, she is a woman who loves to cosplay the military stuff including outfits and weapons. 

It has been her passion and because of that she opened a boutique for the models who wanted to have military clothing and accessories.
Source: SizzlingFeed

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