They Were Alone In The Elevator, When The Camera Captured Them Doing This! I Can't Even Imagine!

Police Officer Tony Scherb work in El Paso County in Colorado Springs, Colorado as an officer for more than 29 years of work. After the long time serving his countrymen, it is now time for him to retire. 

He is very professional when it comes to work. He is the kind of man who would not let go of his dignity and pride. His position and badge is an honor for him. 

But he knew that there would be a time that he needed to let loose. And that time has finally come. It is his retirement period when he finally decided to do this!

The police officer stepped inside the elevator not knowing that there is a hidden camera. He started playing the popular Silento song, 'Whip/Nae Nae'. 

The man started dancing around. He was then joined by several other officers. This is a great way to end your career as a police officer!

Source: Newsner

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  1. Totally nae nae them. Nailed it country colarado. Bom! Three thimbs up.