This Janitor Was Asked To Clean A Spill In The Gym. What Happens Next Left Him In Tears!

Let's face the fact that students would really be lazy to come to school that appears unclean right? I mean, who would want to study in a dirty area? That's why we should all be thankful that our schools are being cleaned by Janitors

Janitors are rarely credited for the things that they're doing for other people. Sometimes, these people were even left unknown, but this time, everything's turning around! 

The whole elementary school is preparing a big surprise for a person who's considered as an "Unsung hero." He has been cleaning the school, he has been taking care of the students and even the teachers, and the best part? He has been putting smiles on the faces of the little children.

The teachers claim that their school custodian or janitor, which is Mr. Patton, takes a lot of pride in their school and has been a really nice person. That's why, they thought of planning a little, yet sweet surprise for him.

The children created letters and banners for Mr. Patton. To complete their surprise, the Principal called Mr. Patton and told him that they need him to clean up a major spill in the gym. 

Mr. Patton came and he was in tears after he saw the sweet surprise.

He was also given a thousand dollars as a recognition for loving his job.

"It feels good. I can have a good weekend, go home knowing that my job really does matter. To show you what love is, this was love."

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