This Kid Told His Mom To 'Work Harder' So That They Would Be Rich, What She Did To Him Was Unbelievable!

Our parents are the reason why we exist in this world. We may have different purposes, but if it was not for them, we would not be here. 

They are doing their best to give a better future for us. Their love for their children is the reason why they get up every morning to work hard. 

But not all children know how to appreciate what they have. Not unless their eyes would be opened by a certain circumstance. 

In this story, the boy who is being raised by a single mother always complains of how poor they are. He often compares what he has with his other classmates. He often pities himself because of this. One day he got into a fight with his classmates who are bullying him by calling him, 'rubber boy'. When he got home, he had to confront his mother and ask her to work harder so that they would have enough money. 

The mother only asked him to go and visit work with her so that he would see how hard it is to earn money. 

Often times, we tend to forget that we are blessed of the things that we do not appreciate. All we need is to open our eyes and see the things that we have instead of looking for the things that we don't have.

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