A Servant Of God Told Something To Yeng Constantino That Will Surely Open Your Eyes And Your Mind!

Yeng Constantino prevented herself from speaking out and giving her opinion towards the issue about the nationwide trending controversial topic of Manny Pacquiao's statement. 

However, she did not succeed in keeping herself silent. She decided to record herself and her statement and uploaded it over the social media sites whereas she admitted that she is a Christian yet she has a brother who is gay.

This video gained mixed emotions from the people. There are some who gave her positive feedbacks but many also criticized her. 

A woman now who is one of the servants of the Lord gave her a message saying that Yeng Constantino does not understand God because of her statements that she gave. 

This woman also explained that God does not hate the people who are called homosexuals. It is the act that they are condemning or the homosexuality.

Source: TodayInManila

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