Tomb Of Jesus Christ Was Discovered! Shocking!

Jerusalem is being tagged as the 'Holy Land' since it was the location where Jesus Christ was crucified. This is located in Israel. However, there are some scientists who wanted to discover more about the religion that is why they decided to conduct a study to look meticulously on the angles of the Christianity. 

Several archeologists claim that they have found the burial tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem. James Tabor is the Biblical Historian who worked with a controversial filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici. They decided to put a camera on a robotic arm and they have found a 2000-year-old tomb with several engravings that shows the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

What they found was a Limestone tomb containing human bones. 

But one of the Biblical Scholars named Mark Goodacre disagreed with what they have found. He claims that it is impossible. He said that the engravings on the tomb is a vessel not a fish.

Source: TodayInManila

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