Wanted To Have A Baby Boy Or A Baby Girl? These Steps Will Help You Out!

Dr. Shettles is known as the father of in Vitro fertilization, he is also known as the fertility master because of his knowledge, research  and the powerful book 'How to Choose the Gender of Your Infant'. 

His advices and tips on how to get the gender of the child that you wanted has a success rate of 75%. 

If you wanted to have a baby boy, Dr. Shettles claim that the couple should not have an intercourse 4-5 days before the ovulating period. The position that could help perceive a baby boy is the doggy style and other related positions. 

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In this position the private part of the woman is too close to the cervix area so that the Y sperm travels shortly. 

If a couple wanted to have a baby girl, they should hold back 2-3 days before and after the ovulation period. For the position, the couple should only have shallow penetration so that the sperm would have a longer time to travel and reach the egg cell. 

PhotoCredit: MomJunction

These suggestions and advices are not 100% accurate, but there is nothing wrong with giving it a try.

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