Yeng Constantino Uploads Her Reaction On The LGBT Issue And It Goes Viral Online

The issue about Manny Pacquiao comparing the people involved in the same-s*x marriage has gone bigger than before. 

A lot of people had been speaking up their minds regarding the controversy. A war online has been raging because of the different opinions that people have. 

Now, the rockstar Yeng Constantino uploads her video towards the issue. Yeng Constantino became emotional after she admitted that she is a Christian yet she has a brother who is also a homos*xual. 

Yeng stated how much she loves her brother. Then, she said that if she could love him that way, then God could even love them better. 

She also said that there are a lot of Christians who keeps in silent yet loves the homos*xual people. 

This is truly an inspiring message from someone who is a Christian and someone who understands a homos*xual. 

Yeng said that she will not make a stand against homos*xuality for she believes in the ministry of reconciliation.

Video: About LGBT issue. Dahil sa isang tweet napasagot tuloy ako. Pero salamat na din. ❤️ peace to everyone.
Posted by Yeng Constantino on Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Source: YengConstantino

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