Young Player Of Clash of Clan Commits Suicide After Losing CoC Clan Wars!

There had been a breaking news that a young gamer who plays Clash Of Clans allegedly tried to end his life after being defeated during their clan wars. 

Based on the report that Max Anated from Brigada News Davao, he said that the young boy tried to end his life by slashing his neck which then resulted to a wound. 

The young victim who was hidden in the name of 'Barcher' for his privacy was brought to the Southern Philippines Medical Center after being rescued by the Central 911. 

They claim that the child had stopped attending his classes and decided to commit suicide after having a conflict with his clan mates resulting in their defeat in the clan wars.

The victim was spotted lying on the floor with a lot of blood around him. But he is now in a stable condition and undergoing treatment.
Source: CoolBuster

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