FedEx Conquered The Bad Weather Condition To Fly A 2-year-old Baby Who Needs To Undergo A Liver Transplant Immediately!

After a year of waiting, the condition of Brooklyn who is the daughter of Jesse and Nicholas Faris would be better because the compatible donor for the child has been found. 

It is the chance that they have been waiting for to conduct the liver transplant of the child who is suffering from Alagille Syndrome which prevents her liver from disposing wastes. 

But the weather is preventing them from travelling. A blizzard attacked that they and all of the flights were cancelled, including the one that is bound to Chicago where the operation would be conducted. 

The next flight would occur 1pm the next day and the child does not have enough time. 

Now, FedEx, a courier company immediately contacted the couple and said that they would give them a free ride from Brooklyn to Chicago for free. 

“So we got to the airport in about 15 minutes and there was a corporate jet waiting for us that was fueled up and ready to go,” Nicholas said. 

“We were just extremely proud to be able to step up — in particular when it was a child in real need — and apply our areas of expertise for someone in our hometown,” said Patrick Fitzgerald who is the spokesperson of the company.
Source: KickerDaily

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