Woman Covered Her Teeth With A Piece Of Aluminum Foil, What Happened Next Was Unbelievable!

There are several kinds of teeth and there are different ways on how they could possibly make the teeth whiter. There are several home remedies that are available to the public that promises effective results on whitening the skin. 

Now, a magic ingredient will be needed to make this homemade tooth paste that will eventually make your teeth whiter. 

All you need to do is to grab some baking soda and the toothpaste that you are using at home. Mix those ingredients together. Next thing that you needed to do is to grab some aluminum foil. Wrap it on the teeth after applying the toothpaste for an hour. 

If you wanted to have stunning results you should do this for twice a week. 

This method has no side effects. However, the dentists claim that using too much tooth whitening paste could possible affect the enamel on your tooth. 

Another natural mixture is available to make the teeth whiter. 

This includes creating a paste with the use of baking soda, salt and water. Just like the first one, you need to wrap it with foil.

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