2 Months After Her Prom Night, She Passed Away. What Her Friends Did With Her Dress? I'm In Tears Now!

These friends had a wonderful way of remembering their friend Catherine Malatesta who passed away because of a rare cancer called epitheloid sarcoma which happens to 1 in 10 million people. 

Catherine remained active in their school despite the fact that she was already diagnosed with the said disease. Just as she was receiving treatments, she attended school like a normal teenager. She even won the presidential position for the student council. 

Few months before she passed away, she was able to attend their junior prom. Catherine claims that is was one of the greatest moments that she had. She felt beautiful that night. 

Days after the prom, she was admitted to the Boston Children's Hospital and unfortunately she passed away two months after the prom

Four of the bestfriends of Catherine had a brilliant way of remembering her. 

They vowed to use the same prom dress that she wore. Her mother called the sweet gesture as 'The sisterhood of the traveling prom dress'.

Jillian Danton is the first of the four to wear the same dress to her prom. The three will follow the lead as a tribute to her.

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