After Mistakenly Giving The Wrong Flavor, Couple Of Men Stomped On Her Flavored Buns. What She Did Afterwards Was Unbelievable!

Many people are doing their best effort to earn money to be able to provide for their family. 

One great example of this is the woman in China who is going through a difficult time yet she chose to fight hard and earn a living. 

She sells buns in the streets to be able to give her family. But a group of heartless men decided to stomp on her flavored buns

This photo was posted on the Chinese site called Weibo. It immediately enraged the social media users. 

Based on the article of Alicia Tan in Mashable, the said group of men decided to this ruthless act to the decently working woman after she chose not to compensate them for giving them the wrong flavors of buns. 

They started stomping on her goods. She did not say any word she just continued to tidy up the mess of the men. 

According to the Chaoyang police, they know the situation but there is no clear statement whether charges will be pressed. The offender said that they agree in settling.
Source: Viral4Real

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