Adam Started Singing 'Purple Rain' But Wait For It And Take A Closer Look On His Hands! SHOCKING!

On the 60th birthday of Howard Stern back in 2014, the frontman of the Maroon 5 Adam Levine along with Train as his backing band, they managed to perform the classic song 'Purple Rain' by Prince. 

In the midst of the passing away of Prince, this footage was released on the Howard Stern Show as a part of their tribute to the late musician. 

Adam Levine's singing skills is indeed mesmerizing. But many people does not notice that he is a good musician as well.

The most impressive part of the video starts at 3:40.  It is the part where Adam took the ethereal guitar solo. It will surely send shivers to your spine. 

“Great times that we had and just constantly being inspired by how he did things his way [and] never let anybody deter what he wanted to accomplish creatively and musically,” Levine said.

Source: Diply

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