After Years Of Being Pranked, This BF Got His Sweetest Revenge In The Worst Way Possible!

Seven years before, the couple who are both Youtubers Nikki and John uploaded a video whereas Nikki crushed the poo out of the Xbox of John. He just murmured out, 'Oh No' as she was crushing the console into small pieces. 

They are now running the Youtube channel called 'Pranksters in Love. There was a April Fool's Day trick that John prepared for Nikki who would never think that a boyfriend could possibly do this to a poor girlfriend. 

He managed to make the comeback that really pissed her off. John decided to put superglue in the toilet. 

Nikki did not notice it not until she was about to wipe herself. She could not lift herself from the toilet bowl.

Source: Innamag

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