An Angel Caught On Camera By The CCTV In A Hospital In Las Pinas City! Must See!

Ever since we are little, our parents have always told us that we do have guardian angels. These are the spirits that would be looking after us. 

As the people grew older, they tend to believe that angels do exist. They are most likely to be considered as the entities which brings the messages of the Lord to the mankind. 

They are often described as creatures that looks like a human but they have the wings of the birds that lets them fly. 

Now, a video that was captured by the CCTV of the district hospital in Las PiƱas has made the rounds online. The video was said to have captured a luminous object that was flying around the pediatrics unit of the said hospital. 

There are claims that this might be just an insect flying around but the personnel believes that the angel is there to go to the patient who were about to ascend in heaven.

Source: YouTube, TheConfidentialFiles

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