Controversial Towel Throwing Of Duterte Imitating The Feast Black Nazarene Goes Viral Online! MUST WATCH!

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is one of the presidential candidates for the upcoming Presidential elections on May 9. 

He has dominated the social media sites. Many people are in favor of him thinking that he is the solution for the long-time problem of the Philippines when it comes to corruption and crime. 

Duterte has been doing his campaigns in several parts of the country. There are millions of people who goes to his campaigns as a support. But now, a video of his campaign has been making the rounds on social media sites. 

As seen on the footage, Duterte was throwing out face towels. But before he does that, he wipes his face with the towel first. 

Just like the feast of the Nazarene where the people believes that it is holy to wipe the face towel in the image of the Black Nazarene. 

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