Cops Turned On The Dashboard Camera Of The Mobile, He Pulled Out A Blanket And Did This! Unbelievable!

It was a normal day for Officer Dan Templeton. He was driving off to his work at Elk Grove California when he spotted another auto with a frenzied couple. 

He knew that there was something wrong. What happened afterwards was beyond what you can imagine. 

He did not know what could have happened inside the car so he decided to turn the dashboard camera on just in case there was something else. 

It was only when he reached the car that he found out that a woman named Vanessa was bound to give birth to her baby. Officer Dan immediately grabbed a blanket. He let the woman lay on the road and saw that the infant was not breathing anymore. The head of the baby was turning blue. 

But on the third push, they managed to deliver the baby safely. It started breathing and crying as an indication that it was okay.

Source: Innamag

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