Do This Diet And Exercise According To Your Body Shape And See The Magical Effects On Your Body!

People who wanted to lose weight tend to just do work outs because they know that these would help them reduce their weight. 

However, are you aware that understanding the type of body that you have will also help you maximize all the weight loss that you could have. It would help you in achieving the plan that you have for your body. 

There are 4 main body types for female:

1. Apple-Shaped Body:
What to eat: Take in half of the plate should have fruits and vegetables. There should also be ricem quinoa and oatmeal. Protein filled foods such as fish, beans, peas, nuts and organic cheese.

How to exercise: Jogging and brisk walking along with weight training and yoga is important. 

2. Pear-Shaped Body
What to eat: Protein should be lean. It is easier to store fats rather than having carbohydrates and protein. The diet should include fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates such as beans, grains and lentils. 

How to exercise: Do cardio workouts that focuses on the lower half of your body. Running and biking are best to do. But remember to train the upper body to maintain strength. 

3. Rectangle or Straight Body
What to eat: Diet should have the foods which are rich in healthy fats such as avocados, fish, nuts. Always eat fruits and vegetables. 

How to exercise: Do workouts that would build the muscle and make sure to keep extra weigh off the middle part your body to make the human form. It is good to have weight training. 

4. Hourglass-Shaped Body
What to eat: Fruits and vegetables should be the main dish. Take in whole grains such as quinoa. Be sure to avoid high-fat meats, processed foods, caffeine and sugars. 

How to exercise: Do a full body workout. Be sure to focus on the areas where fats are building up.

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