Duterte Asks Filipinos To Choose Between Him Who Will Slay The Criminals Or Binay Who Is A Corrupt Official!

After the video of Jejomar Binay asking the Filipino people to never vote the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has gone viral, Duterte has a message to all the Filipino voters around the world. 

In the video that has gone viral, Duterte was talking to the reporters as he was giving a message to the Filipino people. 

He claims that the choice is theirs. It is between Duterte who will end the corruption and crime in the Philippines by ending the life of the criminals or Binay who will be stealing the money of the people. 

Duterte also accepted the challenge given by Binay for them to have a debate. He said that the honor is with Binay in choosing the venue for their debate. It can either be in the Binay's house or his office in Makati. 

When he was asked on what would be the topic if ever the debate will happen, he answered by saying that it depends on what Binay would present.

Source: Inquirer

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