Early Signs Of Having Ovarian Cysts That Women Ignores Every Single Day! Here's How You Should Handle It!

Ovarian cysts is one of the most common type of reproductive condition. It is the instance where as the sacs or pockets within the surface of the ovary are being filled with fluids

Oftentimes, these cysts are harmless to the body. But when they grew bigger, there is a higher chance that it could cause complications to the body. 

PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a state when the levels of the hormone estrogen and progesterone of women tends to go out of balance. 

If this is not treated properly, there is a huge chance that it could cause problems with the appearance, cardiac function, fertility and the menstrual cycle of a woman. 

The important thing that you need to remember is to prevent this cyst from growing. 

Here are the things that could help you lessen the size of you ovarian cysts.

Licorice - This stimulates the adrenal glands which could be effective in treating the ovarian cysts.

Preparation: Boil some water then add the licorice in it. Leave it boiling for 5 minutes then let it cool off. Strain the liquid and take it in twice a day. 

Chaste Berry - It can help in several gynecological problem. It can shrink down the cysts, control the flow of menstruation and relieve the pelvic pain.

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