Former Goin' Bulilit Star, John Manalo Is Bound To Be The Next Chito Miranda Of The Online Community! Must Read!

In this modern generation, people are more drawn to the gadgets and technologies that they often forget to remind their loved ones that they are really special to them. 

However, there are still some who used the social media sites to express to the whole world how affectionate they are. 

One of them is the musician, Chito Miranda. Girls are getting jealous of his wife Neri Naig for the sweet deeds that he is doing online. 

Another young actor is following his footsteps. John Manalo who used to be a part of the kid gag show 'Goin Bulilit'.

Women are now saying that they wanted to have their own Chito and John Manalo in their lives. A man who is not afraid to show the world how lucky and proud they are of their girlfriends.
Source: XolXol

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