He And His Bear Were Just Playing Around, When The Bear Suddenly Did This! SHOCKING!

Bears are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals that ever set foot in this planet. With their gigantic size, long claws and sharp teeth, every single human is terrified of them. Especially now that they are considered as wild animals that could attack the mankind whenever they want to. 

But an unbelievable tandem exists in Utah. It was a friendship and bond between a man and his pet which is a grizzly bear. 

This man is named 73-year-old Doug Seus who is known as Hollywood's foremost bear trainer

He is currently residing in Utah along with his wife Lynne and all of their bears. They used to have 4 bears but one of them passed away because of cancer

One of their bears recently starred in the show Game of Thrones.

Source: YouTube

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