He Gave A $100 To This Homeless Man, What The Man Did Afterwards Was Unbelievable!

Do you ever wonder where a homeless man would spend the money if they would be given a $100?

This Youtube User named Josh Paler Lin had the same question in his mind. Along with his team, they decided to give this homeless man an amount of $100. 

With a camera, they followed him as he brought his things with him. He was heading towards the liquor store. But the team wanted to be sure of what he was going to do. 

After the man put all the goods that he bought from the store inside the bag, he went off. 

The suprising thing about him is that he headed towards the other homeless people and handed out foods to them. Instead of having it for himself, he decided to buy goods for them as well.

Source: JoshPalerLin

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