He Gave The Wrong Bill To The Homeless Woman. What She Did Next Will Shock You!

These days,  more and more people are getting engaged in creating pranks and social experiments that will show the true colors of the citizens around them.

In this video, this guy will go around the streets and asked for a change, and will intentionally give the wrong bill to see if other people will come to him and tell him that he has given the wrong bill.

As they started, almost everyone didn't choose to be honest. None of them come to him to tell him that he has given the wrong bill. 

They started losing hope that a person would still choose honesty because some people are being too greedy.

They were losing hope, when they suddenly met this homeless woman. When he gave the wrong bill, they were surprised because the woman suddenly called him and told him that  he has given the wrong bill.

They've just proven that sometimes, those who have less tend to be more honest while those who have too much tend to be greedy of what they want and of what they have.

Source: Viral4Real

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