Homeless Man Steps On The Stage Of A Talent Show When He Open His Mouth, The Judges' Tears Started Falling!

A homeless man made the judges of the Korea's Got Talent cry out loud because of what he had been through and for the amazing talent that he has in singing. 

At the young age of 5 years old, Choi Sung-bong was brought to the orphanage by his family. But he often gets mistreated so he decided leave and take care of himself. 

For the past 10 years, this man has been living in the streets sleeping on stairs. He sells energy drinks and gums on the streets to support his needs.

He never got the chance to be in school so he took GED tests to advance into high school. 

His story was even supported by the mesmerizing skills in singing. When he started to open his mouth, the judges could not help but feel the warmth and sincerity of his voice. 

Because of the fascinating performance, the judges were in tears.

Source: YouTube

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