Topless Man Stepped On Stage But When He Started Doing This, The Judges' Breath Were Taken Away!

A man named Alexandr Magala decided to audition to the talent show of Britain's Got Talent

Different acts are being shown in the said competition but Alexandr was there to show them that he surely knows how to make the heart beat of the audience stop. 

In his audition, Alexandr was seen swallowing a sword. It started with a small sword. This act could not be done by a normal person. 

“I’m pretty much risking my life in front of you guys," said Alexandr before he started performing in front of the audience. 

When he swallowed the small sword, he even made several backflips. It sounds dangerous but not unlike his finale act. 

He ingested a longer sword and climbed up to the top of the pole. He was hanging upside down then decided to let go. He was dropping so fast but at the right moment he was able to come to a complete stop and saved his life. 

It was indeed a stunning performance! It took away the breath of the people. 

Source: Britain'sGotTalent

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