If Ever You See White Spots, Streaks Or Lines On Your Nails, Be Sure To Do THIS!

There had been claims that when the appearance of the nails change, it can be because they are  experiencing diseases in their body. 

Some people say that having white spots on the nails may indicate that they have a liver disease. 

Leukonychia is the term used to when white spots appear on the fingernails. It can either be a line or several dots. 

Here are some of the causes why you can see a white spot on your nail:

1. Allergic Reaction 
- Sometimes when there are spots on the nail, it means that the person has an allergic reaction to the nails polish or other chemicals that they are using to clean their nails. 

2. Nail Injuries
- If the nail is injured, the base of the nail can be damaged as well making white spots appear on the finger nails. 

3. Lack of Protein
If there are horizontal bands that that goes up to the nail bed then it means that the person has protein deficiency. 

4. Lack of Zinc
This is a metal usually found in the body. If people lack zinc inside then, there will be white streaks on their nails. 

5. Fungal Superficial Onychomycosis
This appears on the toenails, Fungi causes the white spots on the nails and they appear on the nail plate then spreads out to the nail bed. 

6. Serious Diseases
Having a white spot on the nails can mean that the person might have the following disease:
- Liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis
- Kidney disease
- Anemia

Be sure to visit the doctors immediately when you see these spots that does not go away.

Oftentimes, these spots will be removed since it is just there temporarily.

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