If You Always Drink Coffee In The Morning, After Reading This You Will Surely Stop It!

Coffee has been a part of the daily lives of every person in this world. Every day when they wake up, it is the first thing that they prepare in the morning. 

Many people are enjoys chatting with their friends in their favorite coffee shops or even in a veranda where they could enjoy the cup of coffee.

It can bring many health benefits to the body however, it does not have the same effect when you take it on an empty stomach

Those people who are suffering from gastritis will know this. This can lead to bowel inflammation, irritation and bloating. But the worst part of it is that it could lead to colon cancer. 

Taking it in the morning would also increased the cortisol levels in the body. This would interfere with the ability of the body to stay awake. It would increase the acid levels in the stomach which will eventually lead to the feeling of nausea and bloating.
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