This Young Man And Woman Was Caught Doing THIS Inside The Toilet Room Of A Well-known Fast Food Chain! SHOCKING!

Couples nowadays are more indulged into unusual activities than the previous generations and most of them are doing things that should not be done in public places.

Now, a video has been making the rounds on social media sites. This is the video of a young man and woman who was caught on act as they were allegedly doing something to each other inside the bathroom of a well-known fast food chain.

The manager was angrily shouting as she was knocking on the door of the said bathroom. She was even threatening them that she will be calling the cops if they continue to lock themselves inside the room. 

After several minutes, the couple came out and the man was not wearing his shirt and shoes. The woman tried explaining that he is sick that is why they were there for a long time.

Source: NewsCatalyst

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