Unbelievable Lost Ship Was Discovered In The Bermuda Triangle After A Century!

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious theories in this world. This is still unknown to the researchers, scientists, shipping and aviation experts. 

People still believe that the Bermuda Triangle is the thing behind the mysterious disappearances of ships, air crafts and people. Not a single person is allowed to take the route inside this triangle because it was said to be fatal.

However, the Cuban Coast Guard discovered a breakthrough. An enormous ship was found on the coast of the Bermuda Triangle. According to the information it was the SS Cotopaxi that went missing back in December 1925. They have been communicating to the officials of the ship but there were no reply. That is when they decided to check on it and to see that it was already an abandoned ship.

They have found the logbook of the captain inside which states that it was bound to go to Havana, Cuba from Charleston, South Carolina.

There were a total of 32 crew members and had 2340 tons of coal. 

The name of the captain was W.J. Meyer

The Cuban council are already conducting investigations on the said ship.

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