Man Caught On Cam Doing This To Women Wearing Skirt On Train! Alarming!

Summer is one of the season that the people around the world has been waiting for. It is a time to travel and discover different swimming spots such as beaches, falls and pools. 

It is also the time where the family bonds and do summer activities. 

Now that the summer is here, many girls are already wearing shorts and skirts because of the heat of the sun. 

It is also the time that some men tries to taking opportunity to the women who are wearing skirts. Like this man who was caught on camera as he was filming the underwear of a woman. His iPhone was already underneath the skirt of the woman. 

However, what caught the attention of the online community more is the fact that the person filming this video did not even try to warn the woman on what is happening to her.

Source: Shanghaiist

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