Man Tried To Suplex His Friend, What Happened To Him At The Pool Party Was Horrifying!

Once you have seen this video, you will surely feel the pain that this guy felt despite the fact that it was only him who was physically hurt. 

This man was filmed as he hit his head so hard on the solid flooring on the side of the pool. Luckily, the man just felt the pain and continued swimming. This should be a warning to all the people out there why horseplaying in the pool could be dangerous to each and everyone. 

He supposed to do a trick by doing a Suplex to his partner. He carried him and threw him out into the pool. The other man was able to be on the pool but the one who lifter the other one, bumped his head on the floor. So hard that even the viewers of this video could feel the pain. 

The man just shrugged it off that nothing happened. So the next time that you will put up a trick like this in a pool party, be sure to perform it without hurting yourself or anybody.

Source: RichieBustos, TheConfidentialFiles

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