Member Of LGBT Dismayed Over The Victory Of Manny Pacquiao In His Last Fight, What He Said Will Surely Enrage You!

While many people are excited and happy for the victory that Manny Pacquiao obtained on his fight against Timothy Bradley that happened on April 9. 

Filipinos rejoiced over his triumph. However, there are some who claims that he should have not won the fight. 

One of the members of the LGBT Community expressed his dismay over the results of the fight. On the statement that he posted online, he claims that he is disappointed that Manny Pacquiao won the fight. He even threatened that the LGBT community will continue to boycott his fights.

There are even some people who claims that they will be filing a disqualification case for Manny because of his fight that was aired. They said that it is considered as an exposure and it is illegal for someone who is running for the as a senator to have an exposure. 

Meanwhile, not all members of the LGBT Community are against him. There are some who defended him saying that they are proud of Manny Pacquiao for bringing pride and glory to the country again.

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