Phone Scammer Calls Her To Say That Her Computer Was Infected With A Virus, How She Responded To It Was Genius!

It was just an ordinary day for Marie Heden not until a woman pretending to be from an IT center in Canada called her phone and claims that she needs to have access on her computer.

But little did she know that Marie is already tired of all the people who are trying to call her phone and was asking for such things. Most of them are telemarketers. 

Marie had a brilliant idea on how  she could possibly stop this woman from calling not only her number but several numbers on her list. 

The woman on the other line was pretending as if they got a message from the computer saying that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. But it turned into a hilarious conversation when the woman decide to hang up after being terrified of what Marie did. 

Here is how their conversation went:

My phone rings, but I don’t have time to check the number. It takes me awhile to reach it and answer it.

– Good morning, madam.
– Oh, hi. Who am I talking to?
– I am calling from the computer center. Our IT department has received a message from your computer. It says it needs help.
– Oh, so my computer talks to you?
-Yes. Are you at your computer?
– Oh, yes. (Well, in fact, I was on the toilet, but she doesn’t need to know ;))
– Well, then, I’ll talk you through how to get rid of the virus that your computer needs help with.
– Can you wait a moment, please? If my computer is infected, the whole department might be… I will connect you to our IT department.
– Umm, what?
– Just wait a minute. (I press a few buttons, so my phone will beep, wait for a moment, and then respond in a different accent and a brighter voice) Well, then. How may I help you?
– Umm, hi. I am calling about an infected computer in your network…
– Oh, great. Can you just wait for a moment? (I talk for a little while with a pretend colleague in Swedish.)
– So, where are you calling from?
– As I said, from the computer center…
– Yes, but where from? Where is your office?
– Ummm… Canada… ? (She says with a strong Indian accent.)
– Okay, our trace suggests that you are calling from India. So in about 30 minutes, the local police will knock on your door. Please let them how you know that one of our computers is infected. Thank you for calling the Swedish Police’s IT department. Have a nice day. :)
*Panic is heard at the other end before the call is cut off*
A good day’s work, I think :P
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