Real Footage Of An Aswang Caught On Camera In Capiz, What Happened After Was Shocking!

In the Philippine folklore, an aswang is referred to as an element who feeds on the soul of a helpless person. 

There are different kinds of 'Aswang' that was built up in the minds of every Filipinos. According to the reports, it is most likely to happen in the Visayas area particularly in Capiz

It is often tagged as the home of the 'Aswangs'. Now, a documentary that aims to look for the suspected homes of these creatures

There had been several stories linking to the town of Capiz where unexplainable stories occur.  But according to the observation and documentaries that were created, it turned out that these were just in the mind of the people. 

The occurrences did not only happen in Capiz but all throughout the whole country so there is no tough evidence that the Aswangs are residing in Capiz.

Source: YouTube, PopcornDaily

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