Robin Padilla's Challenge To All Artists Goes Viral Online! His Statement Was Strong!

Robin Padilla is known as someone as someone who sticks with his principles and integrity. He is also known to be a solid Duterte supporter. 

He was seen several time doing a campaign for the presidential aspirant Duterte. In line with that, another mesmerizing deed was done by Robin Padilla as he endorses Duterte. 

In the recent video that he posted, he dared all his fellow artists to come out and support the president that they want without being paid. 

Robin made a strong statement saying that he believes that 'para sa bayan, hindi ka dapat binabayaran' pertaining to the actors and actresses who are being paid to endorse a particular person who is running for the presidential position. 

He also clarified that he is doing this for free for the sake of his own country.

Source: RobinPadilla

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