Science Revealed The Truth Why People Cheat On Their Significant Partner!

The incident whereas one partner cheats on their partner has been a taboo in many cultures. This may not sound right but many people thinks of it as something that spices up the plot of movies and became an inspiration for writing songs about breaking up. 

But have you ever wondered why a person cheats? Well, science has an explanation for it. There had been claims that only 3% of the mammals are monogamous. This means that 3% only stays faithful with their partner for their entire existence in the world. 

Science said that the gene called dopamine receptor has an important role in cheating. It is more known as the 'happy hormone'. This is being released when a person does something that makes them happy such as eating food, romance and exercise. 

Based on the studies, 50% of people has long allele of this gene was cheated on by their respective partners while 22% have shorter allele.

Source: ChosenTrends, YouTube

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