She Had To Do It In The Middle Of Nowhere, Good Thing She Brought This With Her! Hilarious!

Advertisements is one of the best way to possibly showcase the product and its benefits to the public. 

But somehow, some people in the marketing sector goes to a different level where the people does not expect what they are about to see. 

Just like this advertisement where a woman already needs to go to the bathroom. But she was in a long drive along with her husband in the middle of nowhere. There were no establishments where she could use the restroom. 

The good thing is that she is prepare because she bought this equipment that would let her do anything that she wants to without making her self feel humiliated that she had to do it there. 

But thanks to genius idea, this girl is saved from the humiliation.

Le trompe l'oeil à faire caca (Groland)
Wtf is this... haha
Posted by Kevin Referee on Tuesday, October 6, 2015
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